Friday, August 20, 2010


I woke today feeling pretty average from the cold that I had picked up on Friday, so I thought it best to have a rest day. I played some easy tennis for a few hours with Benny early in the morning, and when I came back inside, it felt as if the cold had basically disappeared. As a result, I scrapped my plan of rest and did a bit of errand running. I went down to Graceville State School to vote first of all (Greens in Senate and House of Reps).
Making my way from there to the Oxley Common, I focussed on mastering my running form again, but it was hard in my Mizunos, as the inside of the forefoot is lower than the outside. Consequently, my left knee flared up a bit when I got to the common, as did the right hamstring, meaning that I had to stop to stretch fairly often. I really fell into a rhythm at the common - the surrounds made me feel like I was in the middle of the Lockyer Valley, not 6kms from the CBD. I was in a very positive place (mentally): I started contemplating racing Glasshouse in September, but then realised that I didn't want to miss out on another two weeks of running while recovering. Exiting the common on to the busy Sherwood Road, I realised just how peaceful it had been there.
I'm going to have to take trips out to that place more often - I might even make it a daily run when I have returned to full fitness. Or not: Mount Cootha is still much too appealing of a weekday morning.
From there, I went to the fruit shop in Sherwood, stocked up for the week and caught the train home. Total was around 10km in about :50 and change.

Errand-running: the most productive and enjoyable way to spend an hour.

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