Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting Back into it.

So, now after nearly two weeks without running (but with much hobbling), I am finally back into it. The first few outings are always a bit difficult; you don't have that same fluidity, efficiency and downright joyfulness that was there when you were at your peak. You have to focus your mind, to MAKE yourself enjoy it.

Today, on my sixth run back (barefoot, might I add), I felt indifferent before the run, normal once I got going, but when I hit the uphill near to my halfway turnaround, something happened. My feet stopped hitting the ground, and started brushing it - my back was straight, my head was not bobbing up and down, my legs felt weightless, and I smiled. I was running the way it should be done; with good form and joy.

Now begins the long path to build up my mileage again. I am looking forward to it.

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