Friday, October 15, 2010

28 Runs Later

So, I have returned from injury, and have managed to be on the trail quite frequently. Today, with a 5 x Cootha run/walk I passed a significant milestone - 28 runs since returning from injury. This makes it my best streak of consistent training since April this year. That is pretty pathetic, I am aware, and my own fault, but I am still glad to have made it this far. I have had some lingering foot problems, and my right knee still seems to drop in a bit, causing problems with my hamstring tendons, but as long as I take it easy next week, and then keep building up slowly, they SHOULD sort themselves out. I am incredibly grateful for this, for just being able to be out there everyday, to be on Mount Cootha, to be in nature. In the course of these runs, I have attained a level of intimacy with and love for this area that motivates me to run even more. I feel like I am starting to exit the funk (fingers crossed) - my OCD/anxiety seems to have calmed down, and although I need some extra sleep, I feel pretty good physically.
I will back today's run up with a cycle tomorrow - between 60 and 120 minutes, depending on how I feel, and then jump into the easy week. It should look a little something like this (depending on how my body feels) - Monday PM - walk up Mt C with Keiran,
Tuesday AM - Single climb of Mt C,
Wednesday AM - Single Climb of Mt. C,
thursday AM - Single Climb of Mt. C, PM - Climb with Bogdan,
Friday AM - 60 minute cycle - rolling hills,
Saturday AM - Single climb of Mt C,
Sunday AM - 30 minute cycle.

After that, as ong as my body holds up, I will go for about 80-90km the next week, and 90-100km the week after. Then I will take another easy week, perhaps culminating in the Mount Cootha mousdash (10.5km) if I feel up for it. If my training keeps going well, I should have the legs for it, but I just don't want to have to take time to recover afterwards. I say this because my instincts would make me race the run, instead of just hitting a tempo climb and then opening up. Probably not then.

In summation, I am in a good place at the moment, and am really enjoying my life.

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