Sunday, October 31, 2010

The half century

So, since my last proper run-stopping injury, I have managed to put in a full climb of Mount Cootha 50 times in 50 days, over 41 runs. Initially, this would seem to indicate a certain amount of consistency in my training. Well that is true to a certain extent; I have been consistently tired, my quads have been consistently funked, but I have consistently been having a good time on the trails. Now, to the inconsistent element. My weekly kilometreage over the seven weeks since injury would be the best example: 48.5, 55.4, 37, 67.9, 105.2, 52, 63.5. While I do not believe that 100km is really that much, compared to the numbers of other ultrarunners, it certainly put me into a deep deficit, that I have been struggling to pay back over the last two weeks. This week, I think that I will try having three days without running, and just concentrate the mileage in the other four, to see if that will help me to recover while still allowing me to put up (hopefully) something nearer to triple digits. With that said, my hip niggle has returned, and the tendinitis in my foot continues to linger - so we'll have to pay them some consideration.

Into exam block, and still happy to be out there running most days.

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