Wednesday, November 10, 2010

50 runs since injury!

Continuing my prolific streak of blogging and running, I have made it to a significant milestone with my second run of this recovery week: 50 runs in the 60 days since I was last laid up with injury! I have put in 59 Mount Cootha climbs during that time aswell, and hope to get to 100 by the end of the year.
The tendinitis in my foot is persisting, even though I have been taking it easy over the last few days: maybe rest isn't the best solution? I figure that I should just keep running in the hope that it sorts itself out. Stupid, I know, but I'm an optimist.
Having reached this milestone, I will now start to concentrate mileage into a few runs per week. I'm thinking of doing something like:
Tu-4-6hr run/walk (hilly),
Th-8km tempo (flat),
F- 5km walk (steep hills - barefoot),
Sa-4-6hr long run/walk (hilly),

This would be followed by a week of 4x12km run/walk (M,W,F,Su), with weights or rest on the other days.
The rationale behind this is that, in the past, when I have put in a few longer runs per week, and had plenty of rest otherwise, I have improved the most, and have had very few niggles.
Also, a wild human (as opposed to us zoo humans) would have gone on a few long hunting runs per week, gorged on meat, and then lazed around for the rest of the time.
Thirdly, it will allow me to have some sweet adventures in the uni holidays. I'm thinking I will stick to Bribane Forest Park a fair amount, but will go up to Glasshouse or maybe even down to Mount Barney a few times.

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