Friday, November 5, 2010

Brisbane Forest Park

Today, I felt like rounding out my weekly kilometreage to 100km, but my legs were certainly not up for any ascents/descents of Mount Cootha.
As a result, I set out to enter Brisbane Forest Park for the first time in a few months.
My legs started off probably at 70%, but as soon as I hit a 1-2% uphill gradient, they felt like they were starting to swell. This eased fairly quickly on each hill, but I knew that I would be doing a fair amount of walking.
It brought back old memories when I hit the tarmac of Boscombe Road, which had been upgraded since I last ran there, I remember cruising along there before dawn, with nothing in my world except for what I could see in the light of my headlamp.
I arrived at the fence between Mount Cootha Forest and Brisbane Forest Park and hesitated for a moment, but without reflecting. I just hesistated. It was very odd, but soon forgotten as I made my way along South Boundary Road.
At the time, I felt like garbage, and my running form was absolutely horrible so I was not enjoying it as much as I should have been, but I realise now just how lucky I am to be within very close reach of a good 100 square kilometres of wilderness. It is such a beautiful place - rolling bushland and blue skies as far as the eye can see - plus plenty of wide firetrails for the keen runner/walker/mountain biker.
I was a bit disoriented on the way back, and managed to miss the turn off to Boscombe Road. My mind did not like turning around and going back the way I came, but I managed to pick up my attitude fairly quickly, although not taking a waterbottle was probably a bad idea. On Mount Cootha it's OK, as there are bubblers everywhere, but in BFP the only water sources are creeks and reservoirs - maybe I could take an empty waterbottle and some purification tablets next time?
In any case, my kidneys seem to be very well conditioned at the moment - I went for two hours without water, and I wasn't really cramping at all, although I was craving some H20.
when I returned to the Gap Creek Reserve, I did guzzle about 500ml from the bubbler there, but I probably could have made it home without it.

With my best interests in mind, I will not be running at all for the next eight days. I have a bunch of niggles that will not go away unless I do something about them now. In that time, I will work on strengthening my body - especially my calves - and swimming. It's not that I absolutely HAVE to rest, it's just that I don't want to get injured a few weeks down the road, when the uni holidays roll around, and I will want to be adventuring as much as possible.
Life is good.

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