Friday, November 26, 2010

Low Motivation - time to taper!

This morning, I put in my last key session before I will head off on Monday.
I caught the train to Caboolture, cycled to elimbah and ascended Miketeebumulgrai. My motivaion was very, very low, probably due to some serious overtraining. My quad was not too happy either. The fact that I was up at 0345 to run to my mum's place and pick up my bike may have contributed. In any case, I had intended to cycle to Wild Horse, and climb that bad boy, but I felt bad enough in the saddle that I decided to cut it short at Beerburrum, and just climb that mountain. It gave me 150 more metres of vertical than I would have had otherwise, so it wasn't that much of a soft option.
I put in a few sprints on the bike on the way back to Caboolture Station as my motivation rose, to round out a fairly average but totally awesome session.
I now just have two glasshouse mountains left before I have climbed them all. Wild Horse is simply a formality - 130m. Coonowrin, on the other hand, will be the most difficult, although not the highest. I am confident that I can do it, I will just have to believe in myself!
Anyways, Saturday and Sunday will be all rest (besides backyard cricket), before I lean towards true adventure on Monday (provided my quad is ok) and set off South for five days.
The plan is to cycle down to Mount Barney on the first day, ascend/descend her on the second, cycle to and ascend/descend Mount Warning on the third, and cycle around the coast and home on the fourth and fifth.
I'm not sure how relevant this trip will be training-wise as preparation for the Kurrawa to Duranbah 50km, which will be run a week after I return. The goal is sub-4:30, which is quite ambitious, considering the fact that I have put in about two speed sessions (tempo hill-climbs) in the last month. I figure that the large endurance base attained from cycling and hiking will give me a platform upon which I may push myself very hard. Also, my last 50km pb (4:45 for 53.5km) came when I was 5kg overweight, slightly injured, had run about five times in the five weeks preceeding, and had put in a two-hour run/climb of Tibrogargan the day before. Therefore, if I go into K2D lean and mean, well rested, with a good endurance base behind me, and the right mental attitude - I will have a great chance of putting up a good time. However, the body and mind need to get through the trip without breaking down - I am under no illusions; it will be quite a test, and I expect to have to "go to the well" multiple times in order to keep going.
But as many people are aware, the well is my favourite place in the world.

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