Thursday, November 18, 2010

PB for Cootha Climb!

This morning, I was pretty undecided about whether or not I should go for a run. This was because I had only had one rest day since going on an adventure which involved 15 hours of excercise over two days. My quad felt twingey, and my foot, although better, was still suspect.
Meh, just run.
I put on the pillowy racing flats again, and noticed the pep in my stride right when I started. I debated running the traditional 8km route at a tempo pace, but then I got a better Idea: try for a sub-ten-minute on the climb of the said route. So I slowed down to warm up, and anticipated the fun that was ahead.
I started to burn it as soon as I went past the sign denoting the start of the MTB route up Mount Cootha that has become a staple. I took really long strides on the initial rolling hills, and probably pushed too hard on the ups. When the climb proper began, I really started to push, but as I kept looking at my watch, it seemed that I had little chance of coming in under ten minutes.
When the grade increased, I didn't compromise, but I noticed that I was very much in the red zone - I was about to ease off when I looked at my watch, realising that time was still of the essence.
I looked up to see the final switchback, and knew that all I had to do was push hard for the last 250 metres from there to make it. I thought about my Grandma's emphysema for inspiration - make good use of your lungs Zac! - and felt a bit like hurling in the last 50 metres.
I burst on to the road in 9:51, a new PB by 47 seconds!
The run home was lethargic to say the least, but I am now left puzzled/inspired by my body's weird powers of recovery. It was probably largely due to the massage that I had yesterday.
I am now thinking to future speed goals: sub-nine-minutes on FT, and I want to crack ten minutes on the Honeyeater track, for which my current PB is 12:33, run on very tired legs.
Physically and mentally, this has been a good week; let's hope it continues with my first serious long-run (since injury) tomorrow. Hoping to get a marathon done - let's see how my body (especially left foot and quad) hold up.

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