Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Recently, the Flamenco version of the tango "Volver", sung by the beautiful and talented Estrella Morente has been been deeply embedded within my brain. I can't stop singing it while studying, and when I was running this afternoon, it was in my head the whole time. Something about the song is just incredibly catchy - I think it's the melody, and the fact that it switches from major to minor numerous times, not to mention the incredible classical guitar which accompanies Estrella's wonderful voice. The lyrics though, or rather, the title (which means "to return" in English), may be regarded as ironic to my current situation. It could be interpreted in many, many ways. Firstly, I am returning to Mount Cootha, which has become my spiritual home, every morning. I feel like I am returning to my old self in regards to my ability to focus mentally, and I have returned to fitness - to the days where I put in the largest amount of kms on the trail. I am very happy with my effort over the last three days - I have done 10 hours of training, including 70km of running/walking (1,300m vertical), and 1:15 of cycling, with a massive PB for the Cootha climb up the Flat Taringa route (see older post). The unprecedented part is that I have been splitting it into two sessions per day, which has allowed me to squeeze as much mileage as possible out of my battered body.
However, I have also been hurt, as in the past. On run #1 this morning (upon which I felt like s#!t might I add, although I am still so grateful to be out there) at some point I managed to fuddle something around my right soleus/achilles. It was a dull pain that has lingered. It seems not to be too bad though, seeing as I was able to run again in the afternoon, and it didn't worsen upon doing so. Despite my hubristic belief in my own diagnostic skills, I will not jump to any conclusions, and will rest tomorrow and perhaps on Friday, or even for a whole week if necessary. On the pain scale, it is pretty low, but I want to sort it out as soon as possible, so that it doesn't linger with me for weeks and then resurface down the road.
On a side note, I was reflecting today on how great my housemates are. The combination of Jed's easygoingness and Keiran's motherly, caring nature is really unbeatable, especially when coupled with the fact that they are always up for a chat.
Great week so far.

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