Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mountain/Hill List 2010

For book-keeping's sake, for something to look back on, and to make myself feel better about a year that involved three months of reduced activity due to injury, I am posting a list of the mountains (and hills that are called mountains) that I have peaked in 2010, and how many times I have done them. The heights are approximate, and I always started at between 50 and 450 metres (although generally at around 50-100).

West of Brisbane
Cootha (250m) - about 100 (65 in the last four months, and I didn't record or get out as much the rest of the year).
Nebo (600m) - x 2.
Glorious (700m) x 1 (starting from the saddle between Mount Nebo and her).

The Glassies
Tibrogargan (350m) - x 4 (plus a bonus half, where I started from the beginning of the real climb).
Beerwah (550m) - x 2.
Tunbubudla East (350m) - x 2.
Tunbubudla west (300m) - x 1.
Beerburrum (280m) - x 2.
Miketeebumulgrai (220m) - x 1.
Elimbah (130m) - x1.
Coochin Hills (280m & 250m) - x1.
Ngungun (250m) - x1.
Tiberoowuccum (220m) - x1.

South of Brisbane
Barney East and West peaks (1350m, 1300) - x1 (up the East first, dropped into the saddle then climbed the 300m of vert up the west).
Warning (1200m) - x1.

South Australia
Ohlssen Bagge (950m) - x2.
St. Mary's Peak (1150m) - x1.

One Tree Hill (500m) - x1. (In the Dandenongs, Victoria, via the 1000 steps).

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