Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goals for 2011 (take #2)

At the end of last year (sometime last week) I perused the TRAQ and AURA events for the year, cramming as many as I could find within range into an Excel Spreadsheet. I then filled the rest of the weekends that weren't penned in for recovery with races at Sherwood forest. It was going to be a year with atleast 8 ultra races, and a bunch of 6km and 4km meets.

Then, on the 31st, I was playing NFL in the park after my first gym session in ages, and copped a knock on my right calf. It was really sore, but I figured it was just a cork, so I took the next day off, and then went for an easy run up Mount Cootha on Sunday. All was well calf-wise on the way up (although my hamstrings & glutes were really bloody sore) and I reached the lookout in a fairly average time. Then, after pausing momentarily, I stepped down the stairs, and the calf became painful. After a few hundred metres I stopped to stretch it, but that didn't do much, and I ended up doing the same thing all the way home.

The pain is odd; diffuse and achy it doesn't scream but moans at me. It hurt on and off when walking for the rest of the day, and is similar now the day after. I am supposed to be racing the Hares & Hounds 50km at Woodford on Sunday, and now that is up in the air. I will only be running once more before then, and that will be to clear myself, or otherwise, for the run.

Oddly, I am pretty nonplussed about the possibility of missing out on the race. And that, I realised, is where I have gone wrong with this year's calendar. I will diminish the probability of me racing well at all of the events, simply because of the fact that I will be racing so much. What's more, I will not be recovered enough between them to get any quality training miles in to prepare myself for the only race that I really care about, the Glasshouse 100 mile in September (although the other races COULD be considered as training).

So, with this in mind, I have thinned the selection of races to three:

May: Glasshouse - Cook's tour 50 mile - Goal = sub-8:00
July: Glasshouse - Flinder's tour 50k - Goal = sub-4:30
September: Glasshouse 100 mile - Goal = sub 24:00, but failing that, JUST FINISH!!!

I know that I could manage the 50 mile in such a time without a huge amount of improvement, but the sub-4:30 5km will be quite a test, considering that the course is actually 53.5km long and has about 700m of vertical gain. For the 100 miler, I know that I can do it, and I am super hungry, but will have to will myself to a sub-24. In no way am I underestimating the distace though, that would be a massive mistake.
Although I would really like to run the Sri-chinmoy 24 hour at UQ in June, the timing is probably not too good. But we'll see, I might just get in a sneaky 6-hour there as a tune up.

As far as other goals are concerned, the obvious are: enjoy my running, do not get injured and hit big mileage. The last two are, to a certain extent incongruous, but this can be mitigated by a long, slow build up.

Possibly the biggest goal of all is to travel from the base to the top-ridge of Mount-cootha 300 times over the year.

The way I am hoping to structure my training is to start by running 8-12km consistently with a quick 6km at Sherwood every Saturday. I'll be hitting the gym thrice a week aswell. Then, when I build to about 80km per week with this regime, I will start to concentrate the mileage as follows:

Mon: no running,
Tues: am: 12-20km, pm: 5-8km (in dark),
Wed: am: 20-30km
Thurs: am: 12-20km, pm: 5-8km (in dark),
Fri: no running.
Sat: 6km fast at sherwood
Sun (week 1): 30-50km easy,
(week 2): 12-20km Tempo.
This gives a max kilometreage of about 140, which I might try to bump up to 160 for confidence sake in the month before the race.

Whenever I write stuff like this down, I tend not to stick to it, and end up just running as much and as frequently as my body can stand, or just get injured. So let's hope that I haven't jinxed myself.

In any case, I'm really f***ing excited for this year, but I must channel this effectively into a slow build-up and not run on days when I say that I wont run.


  1. some great goals for the year. Unfortunately i wont have enough leave to get up and race at glasshouse, so im likely to have a crack at the exceptionally hard Great North Walk 100 which is actually about 107 miles. Thats November so get yourself down for it. More than welcome to crash at mine if need be

  2. I would be mighty keen for that thanks, although timing may be difficult, depending on exams for uni.