Wednesday, February 23, 2011

24hrs of pool

I wanted another adventure before the holidays ended, but due to a niggley ab muscle, it could not involve running or mountain climbing.
So, I suggested to Lucas that we play 8-ball pool for 24 hours. We recruited Jacoby aswell, and decided to use it to donate to charity.
The loser of each game would pay $2 to the winner's charity; we predicted about 150 games in total.
9am Tuesday morning, let the games begin.
In the first few hours, the reality of standing in the room and concentrating for such a long period of time weighed heavily on our minds. We mainly bantered and ate during this period, before Newman came over in the early afternoon to lift our spirits. During that time, we watched Fight Club on the room's TV screen, before turning it off after Newman had left so that we could concentrate on the task at hand.
It started to get difficult at about 1am, when we realised that there was still a standard work-day worth of pool left, and we had already completed two.
From that period onwards, whenever it was my turn to sit out, I would lie on the couch, attempting to go to sleep. As in running, the goals became ever smaller: win this game, get to your break, etc...
The sun came up properly at about 6am, at which point we were hysterical with laughter and anger at actually deciding to do such a ridiculous thing. We really just wanted to finish it.
9am - it was over.
Final scores:
Lucas Overman - 54
Zac B-S - 54
Alex Jacoby - 52.
Although I have not had time to mentally process the experience, I will not be doing that again. It took a serious toll on the mind and, to a certain extent, the body. I'll just stick to running ultras. It has given me an appreciation of just how long 24 hours really is. As a result, if I decide to enter a track race of this length, I will approach it with alot more respect.

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