Sunday, February 27, 2011

The best summer holidays ever

Today is the first day of uni, signifying the beginning of a period of reduced adventures and (hopefully) larger amounts of faster running. It also marks the end of the best summer of my life in many ways. I went running/cycling/mountain climbing more frequently than ever, spent time in five Australian states, and was much more social than usual. Purely for my own future reminiscence, here is a list of the things for which the past three months will be remembered, grouped and then ordered chronologically.

- Pb on Flat Taring Trail of Mount Cootha (9:54);
- Slow run/walk from doorstep to Mt. Glorious starting at 3am after not having slept (60km in 9:00);
- Kurrawa to Duranbah 50km in 4:37 (18th/69), struggling to the finish after having started wayyyy to hard;
- Fat's Festive Fatass 47.5km (1200m vert) in about 4:47 (2nd), meeting and chatting to Steve;
- Hares and Hounds 47.5km in 4:24 (5th/35), running with the leaders for the first 30km, meeting Dave, Jason and Jeff;
- Hard mountain run - 3x Mt Cootha without any walking 20 something km in 2:30;
- Run around a grass track with Nic and Mallani, 35km in 3:20 gross (3:05 net), stuggling to keep up with Nic in some places, hurting him in others;
- Triple Mt. Cootha night run.
- Running up/down and around the bottom of Kosciuszcko/Canberra 70km over three days with plenty of vertical;
- Racing 2km with Eleanor, winning in a very slow 6:45, on the day before;
- Mount Glorious 30km (1,000m vert.) in 2:52:40 (9th/100). Running the first 8km in 30:00, dying 1,000 deaths on the first climb, then doing it all over again.;
- Night run on Mount Cootha with Matt Meck;
- Caboolture Dusk to Dawn 12 hour, PBing 50km comfortably in 4:28, then exploding and falling short of 100km (97.297 - 9th/14), Meeting Stephen, Rosemary and Torrill, running with Nic, chatting to John P and Steve;
- Getting reluctantly and sluggishly back into training;
- Doing a hard run on the first Monday back at uni - 4.8km in 20:19 + 3.8km total of warm up/down.

Other Adventures
- 2-day cycling/hiking trip up to Caloundra over Mt. Mee + climbing West tunbubudla and Elimbah, getting my first real taste of bush-bashing;
- Climbing West and East Tunbubudla (no trails) with the boys and then going to the beach, a perfect day;
- Long cycle - Home, Beaudesert, Boonah, Ipswich (150km in about 8:00) - horrible conditions and scary trucks but loving every gruelling minute;
- 5-day cycling/hiking trip - Brisbane, Mt Barney, Ballina, Mt. Warning, Varsity Lakes - Suffering alot and in a good way;
- Trip to the Flinder's Ranges (SA) with Dad - hiking 33km over 3 days Mt. Ohlssen Bagge (950m) x2 and St. Mary's Peak (1150m), being incredibly impressed by my father's fitness;
- Cycling/MTBing around the Yarra River in Melbourne, some of which with Annie and Ian;
- Cycling through/helping out in the floods;
- Attempting to climb Mount Barney overnight with Mike - getting lost, nearly falling off of cliffs, surviving;
- Trip to Mount Kosciuszcko with Dad and Benno - hiking 50km over 3-days with a ridiculous amount of vertical - talking candidly and bantering with Dad for the first time ever;
- Aborted cycling trip South West - still managing 130km on my brother's hybrid with broken gears - paying $140 for a cab fare back to Ipswich from Boonah;
- Long cycling day - Home, Logan Village, Mt. Tamborine, Nerang, Broadbeach - discovering beutiful rainforest while on the climb up the mountain, which was much longer than I had anticipated;
- Climbing Mt. Beerwah with Jacoby and then going for a swim at Bribie Island - overcoming more of my fear of heights.

- Playing American Football and rugby with the boys;
- Playing hours of backyard cricket with Benno when I should have been tapering;
- 5-days of rest in Adelaide - watching as many Hispanic films as possible, going to the beach, getting accupuncture, eating Dad & Paula's awesome vegan cuisine;
- Staying with Annie and Ian in Melbourne and seeing all of the relatives;
- Christmas Day at the Newmans', even more backyard cricket;
- Staying with Nic and Mallani the night before almost all of the races;
- Dinners at mum's house;
- Reading plenty of books;
- Chatting to Liam & Darien;
- Eating plenty of curries;
- Watching the cricket with Matt;
- Working at the call centre;
- Playing 8-ball pool for 24 hours;
- Going to the RE with the boys, sometimes in an attempt to pick up;
- Doing so, and consequently dating for the first time in a year.

All in all, being happy.

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