Friday, February 11, 2011

The Joys of tapering

Sitting here on a Saturday morning like any other, eating spicy white rice and tapping away at the keyboard, I am both resigned to and excited about the "track-meet" tonight.
Twelve hours is a long time to run in circles for, but I don't really care. It is the actual racing aspect that I am most concerned with.
My recent training has gone very well: I put in just over 230km over nine days, backed off (well, sort of), then raced twice last weekend. This level of mileage, and the vertical it entailed (about 6,000m) was really unprecedented for me, so I hope that it will yeild unprecedented results.
BUT (and there is always a but) I have not taken it as easy as I should have this week. I have only run twice, but that included an 18km hilly outing on Mount Cootha with Matt Meck at a good clip...on Thursday night. Not the best of timing, but what can you do.
When I recorded this run, I noted that my "niggles are manageable". And that they are. My hips are playing up a bit, after not having bothered me for a few weeks, and my foot feels guilty. These have yielded the conventional response; compression tights and ice; and a more unconventional one; a foot bath.
Keiran arrived back from England a couple of days ago, and allowed me to use these "foot fizzer" things from the body shop. They seemed to work well initially, but after bsathing my battered soles, the tendons on the outside of my left shin flared up really badly. This is puzzling, as I have never had a problem in this region before. Oh well, take what you get.
Then, as I was going to bed last night, I became itchy between my legs, and scratched myself into a minor rash. It was deserved, for wearing damp compression tights and not showering in a day.

Anyways, that was remedied by a quick shower, and after having a reasonable sleep, I'm feeling pretty ready to go for tonight.

Meanwhile, back at paragraph one... I think (hope) that I will be in the mix tonight, but there are some big players there who will all be vying for position. And I haven't heard of a few of the entrants, so there may be more that I haven't considered.
Here they are, in no particular order.

John Pearson - Runs 24 hours for Australia. Enough said.

Trevor Allen - Has been training well and improving quickly. Sub-4:30 for 50km at K2D, and then won the 5k at Hares and Hounds. If he can keep a consistent pace, he can do something.

Some South African Dude (might be Brad Kruger) - Holds the world record for 50km on a treadmill (3:10). Aside from being insanely fast (judging by his time), he must have serious mental strength.

Colin Solomon - Came in second at the 24 hour national champs. Won Hares and Hounds in 2010.

Nic Moloney - Holds the mens CR at this event, and is looking to break it. He's put in some solid 50km results of late, and has had a longer-than-expected taper.

Zac B-S - Has the stupidity to go out way too hard, and the ego to resist a chase.

Nic is the Obi-wan-kenobi to my Anikin Skywalker, and I would love to pull an episode four on him. That is some serious wishful thinking, but as the Finn Brothers sing "I will take my chances, because anything can happen". That anything includes the niggles getting the better of me, or a distance in the 120s. Let's hope that it swings towards the latter.

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  1. good luck. 120 would be a serious effort. be intersting to hear how you get on.