Monday, February 21, 2011

On the road again

Another day glued to the road, mesmerised by the tarmac disappearing beneath me as I made my way along the hot plains to the South-West of Brisbane. The sun seared my back and penetrated my skin to heat my entire body. The bike rattled and screeched, but was doing well for a 6-year-old hybrid that is way to small for me.
I was pleased to be out in the country, I having ridden through heavy traffic on suburban roads for two hours as I made my way to Beenleigh. Logan village passed me by, and I leant forward, towards Tamborine Mountain.
I got glimpses of it here and there, realising that the climb was going to be alot bigger than I had imagined. And it was, however, the gradient was forgiving, and the high jungle was cool and spectacular.
Creeks, palms, boulders and ferns ambled by, as I ground my way slowly up the hillside. Eventually, I made it to the village at the top, stopping to soak my legs in the cool stream that flowed through it. On I went, through rolling hills, past magnificent views of Mount Barney and Mount Lindesay, and eventually, down. I yee-haw-ed and screamed in delight as I made my way downwards, coming to the bottom after what seemed like an age. I was rattled when the bike's seat came off randomly; that could have been dangerous.
After chatting to Keiran on the phone for about 15 minutes, I turned left, towards Nerang and then the ocean. The heat was even worse in the next section, as I wound my way up and down hills and accross the mighty Coomera River.
Eventually, I stopped at a fruit stall, slurping down a Gatorade with some grapes, a pear and a peach. 20kms to the Gold coast.
I ground along the scorching road, arriving at Nerang after what seemed like an age, and lunching on a breadroll with vegetarian sausages.
I then sprinted the remaining 10km to the coast along the world's most boring road - no hills, very little scenery (unless you count housing estates).
A quick dip in the sea, and then back the way I came, finally finishing the ride at Nerang Railway Station.
Due to huge storm, it took me three hours to get back to Indooroopilly Railway Station (whereas it would usually take about one and a half).
Left home at 7am, arrived back at 6:30pm. 8:30 cycling time (gross). All in all, a good day.

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