Friday, February 4, 2011

An unexpected and undeserved victory!

This morning, I decided to try a short race for the first time in my life; 2km to be exact.
I got a lift with Eleanor down to Sherwood Arboretum, and we jogged along the muddy concrete for a warm-up. After listening to a few veterans speak about the success of the running club (it was their 29th anniversary), we lined up at the start.
I wasn't too nervous, as I knew that I would be toasted by everyone. However, I started at a solid pace, moving to the front of the field after 100 metres, and feeling good. There was one kid in front of me who looked about 14, but that was it. I powered up to the top of the hill, and hit the 1km turnaround suprisingly quickly. I had just been caught by a few of the runners in the 4km and 6km events, and was disappointed to realise this when they didn't turn around with me. I was all alone. I waved to Eleanor on the way back, and then pushed pretty hard into the finish.
I won comfortably, in what must have been an incredibly poor field, as my time was 6:45. I mean,
come on, there are 50km runners who average that speed! It was still a good pick me up.
Eleanor came in about half a minute later, while I cheered her on from the finish line. She won the women's race by a huge margin - not bad for someone who says that they're unfit!
After warming down, we watched the 6km runners come in. It was a frightening sight; there were girls who must have been ten or twelve years old crying and wretching after sprinting over the line. Sheesh, I know you have to push hard in races, but running's supposed to be fun!
The whole experience has psyched me for future short races. I have always said that I am super-slow, but now I'm seriously wondering what I can do at a distance like 5km. Sub-20 for sure, maybe sub-18? Dare I say 16 minutes???
I'll have to keep racing these bad boys on Saturday morning, and putting in a track workout mid-week if I want to give it a serious go. I imagine that it would translate into better times for longer distances aswell.
We then had breakfast at Wray with Eleanor's parents, before I headed to Milton to buy a pair of Brooks Green Silence shoes for Mount Glorious, tomorrow (and hopefully for Caboolture 12 hour the weekend after).
After cooling down, my right foot seems to be very niggley, but I'll give it an ice and see what happens. It could be tendonitis or bone stress; I seriously hope it is the former!
Fingers crossed I don't make it worse tomorrow; if I can get through this race without major damage, I'll be able to just take it easy (aside from a possible track session) before Caboolture. If not, I will have to alter my schedule.
In any case, my training has been (somewhat accidentally) geared around Mount Glorious as far as terrain is concerned, so I'm not going to take it easy just to save myself for the weekend after. Carpe diem!!!

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