Thursday, March 10, 2011


Bodgan, Mike and I headed North on Sunday and climbed four of the minor Glasshouse Mountains. We got halfway up Tibrogargan aswell before chickening out, as it was likely to rain and Mike had a bum shoulder. Heading to the beach afterwards and downing two kebabs on the esplanade rounded off a fun and worthwhile trip.
Buttttt, I wore crappy low profile shoes, that exposed my feet to a certain amount of abuse, leaving them fairly painful.
The day after, I felt great, so headed to uni to go for a fast-paced run on the treadmill. To my surprise/delight, I managed 14km in 1:00, which is a one hour PB for me. When logging some junk miles in the arvo, my right foot became painful after a while. In my intense run on Mount Cootha the next morning, neither foot troubled me, but in the afternoon the right flared up again. Wednesday was a similar story; hour of power on the treadmill in the morning - not a sound, junk miles in the arvo - feet whinged almost immediately. Yesterday, I did a very hilly 21.5km (500m of climb at least), on which the left foot became the protagonist of pain.
It seems to come and go, and when I'm not running, I get occasional tingles/pricks of pain in all different areas of my feet. I'm thinking that I may have busted up the nerve endings. Either that, or the beginnings of a stress fracture, although if the latter were the case, I doubt that I would be getting such arbitrary and randomly placed pain and that it would rather be centralized in one specific place. I'm hoping It's the second. I've taken a rest day today to see if that will sort it, especially seeing as the weekend is fairly stacked. Racing 2km (or maybe 6km depending on how I feel) at Sherwood tomorrow, and then spending 3-4 hours in Brisbane Forest Park with Nic on Sunday. I'm hoping that this foot problem is one of those things that a nice long run can sort out. Some would say wishful thinking, others would call it thinking outside the box. The problem left ab is still giving me a bit of grief, but has not gotten worse despite (or maybe due to?) the 80km of generally good-paced running that I have done this week so far.

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