Friday, March 4, 2011

Inadvertent carbo-loading

AKA blowing all of your pay on running shoes and a cab fare and subsequently surviving on about $60 of groceries for a week.
Naturally, I spent half of that on protein bars and a gourmet lunch, which has left me eating sweet potato, broccolli, bowl upon bowl of rice, and my housemate's bread for the last five days. Despite consuming a huge amount, I managed to lose weight, that is, until I found peanut butter in the pantry. The caloric content of the jar was soon shifted to my waistline, leaving me to survive on the aforementioned foodstuffs for the remainder of the week.
And on Monday, being the fool that I am, I ran my first real non-race speed session in about a year, having felt like crud before warming up. This led to an odd lower leg injury that has reduced the amount of running that I can do.
And two days ago, my bike was stolen. This was entirely unexpected, seeing as I had left just the frame (no wheels or seat) chained up next to a bus stop for over a week.
Athough my problems are minor compared to those of many, I can safely say that I am currently in a downswing. Now, watch as the God of irony reads that statement and heaps REAL misfortune upon me.
Anyways, the interesting thing is that I don't really give a shit. There are plenty of positives.
- As stated before, I have not gained weight while on the poor man's diet. Additionally, I'm now wildly looking forward to eating beans, avocado and corn products tomorrow.
- I am clearly in need of some sort of break from running (and maybe even adventuring in general), as I have had a ridiculous(ly fun!) summer. My hips/hamstrings, feet, calves, etc will appreciate it. Such a repose will allow me to freshen up in preparation for preparing for Cook's tour 50 Mile in May (the terrible word choice there was intended for comedic effect, not because I am a fool, which is also true).
- Who needs a bike anyways?

The money cycle will be repeated next week, as the shoes purchased a fortnight ago already have a hole in them.

I love it when I can stay positive when shit goes down, life rules!

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