Friday, March 11, 2011

Need for Speed: the Roadies

New to EA Games, the timeless car-racing classic has been running.
I played the real-life version of it this morning at Sherwood Forest, racing 6km (5.75 to be exact) along side a bunch of road-runners, some of which were pretty hardcore.
As soon as I had arrived, I sort of regretted not wearing a shirt, as many people gave me the "bloody poser" look. I would have to back up my lack of clothes with a decent performance.

Ready, Go!
Holy shit, that kid is moving pretty quick.
There's no way I can maintain this pace!
Damn it, I'm fading through the pack...
I don't feel too good, the week's training must have caught up to me, let's slow down.
Man, I can't control my breathing.
Hey, sweet, I've settled into a good pace, the guy in front hasn't gained on me in a little while!
That explains it, super-fast kid is only doing the 4km.
Nice! There are only four in front now.
Wow, we must be going pretty quick, I wonder what time I'll do.
Ok, go around the 3km marker as tightly as possible.
Good time! You might be able to do sub-20!
I hear footfall behind me, Ben Duffus' Dad must be catching up.
Oh man, he's gaining on me.
"Are you getting faster, or am I getting slower?"
"Ah, bit of both"
Sub-20! What was I thinking!?
(singing to myself) "There goes my hero, watch him as he goes, nah nah nah"...
Speed up into the corner, then take it tightly.
Look, we're catching the guy in front.
"Hey mate"
Stick on his shoulder then make a move.
Hey, Duffus' dad is slowing down a bit.
I feel really sick.
This sucks, racing is gay.
Ok, here comes the downhill, time to pounce; I'm a trail runner, I must be faster than him on the downhill.
Yes, accelerate and then take the inside line on that corner, well done.
Now blast it down. Don't hurt yourself though
Sweet, I think I've dropped him.
Oh shit, he's still there.
"Damn, that didn't work!"
(Other guy grunts)
Ok, where's Mr. Duffus.
He's not yet rounded the corner, must've faded.
Last straight Zac, bring it home.
Man my breathing is really quick.
Nice! Pb for 5km and 6km!

I then proceeded to cramp pretty badly, have a stretch, talk to the duffuses and run back to mum's place. I can't feel my feet now, but I'm sure they'll give me grief later on...

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