Friday, March 25, 2011

(Relative) feat of endurance

I still seem to be pretty destroyed by this virus or whatever it is. Even riding to and from uni/work has become difficult. Today, I managed my most impressive athletic feat in the past two weeks. A bit of shopping was in order, and I managed to ride Benno's bike the 800 metres back home from Woolies with about 10kg on the handlebars. I didn't think that I could make it up the 300-metre-long hill (gradient about 12% I reckon) without walking the bike, but lo and behold, I put my head down, peddled hard, and before I knew it I had arrived at the top. In the extreme fatigue that ensued, I went home, and downed a massive salad with two packets or corn thins and a couple of slices of bread. My blog posts are apparently becoming less and less exciting. A return to training is needed, we'll just have to wait for this bug to exit my system.

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