Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shit just got real

I just registered for the Glasshouse 100 mile online.
It's in September, so why?
Well, as an insurance policy against checking the bank account on the night of entries closing and realising that I will have to sacrifice food in order to run 100 miles.
Also, to kick my ass into focusing on one certain running goal over the whole year, instead of floundering from race to race.
I have realised that I just can't continue to race as much and as intensely (intensity being relative to my ability) as I have been doing over the past three months and expect to be able to continue like that for years and years.
As such, I will only allow myself to race three ultras per year in the future - a 50k, a 100 mile, and something in between.
This will undoubtedly make me a better runner and allow me to pursue this passion for a looooooooooooong time, without becoming burnt out. Also, basically all of my niggles/injuries ever have resulted from racing, so the equation is simple: reduce the amount of racing, reduce the number of injuries.
Anyways, back to the original point: running 100 miles in a day is no longer an abstract dream without a certain date of attempt. Barring injury, I will certainly be trying to accomplish this goal, starting from the morning of September 10, 2011.
This fixes it in my mind, and gives me a reference point for my running (and my life in general) for the next six months.
As such, it's time to gear my training around this event. When I'm back to full health, I'll be doing a couple of speed sessions and a couple of shake-out runs during the week, and weekends will alternate between the following: a 6km race on Saturday and 15-20km tempo run on Sunday, and a 40-50km long RUN on a Saturday, and a 20-30km run/walk on a Sunday.
Any attentive follower of this blog (I am not delusional, there are none) will note that I said that when uni started I wanted to be running 20km every morning. Well, I've realised that I can't save all of my speedwork for the first half of my races, and that in order to run faster, I need to run faster!

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  1. think my first 100 will need to be the gruelling GNW100 this year. Unforunately i dont have enough leave to get up to Glasshouse as i would have loved to have joined you in the challenge.

    Great to have something to focus on.

    fyi, i always read your posts.