Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time off = perspective

The Tuesday before last, I put in 35km in just under four hours with a decent amount (600-800m) of vertical gain.
I went out to the Gold Creek Reservoir along the South Boundary trail, put in a solid climb at the back end of the Res, and then headed home the way that I came.
It was great, except for one thing; I was tensing my right foot together for most of the first half, due to having lost (pulled off) some skin its sole. At one point, during a pounding descent, the fourth and fifth metatarsals of this foot flared up wildly, but it soon abated, as I unclenched all of its muscles. Then, for most of the way home, especially when I hit the tarmac, I could not put any reasonable pressure on the outside of my right foot without it feeling like it would buckle. The tendons on the outside of it became pretty tight and painful aswell.
Time for a day off.
On Thursday, I had intended to put in an easy climb of Mount Cootha. I headed out the door, got 1km down the road, and, realising that I felt like shit and my foot still hurt, I turned around and went home.
The next day, I woke up with a sore throat and a reasonable head-cold, then proceeding to work eight hours in the call centre. It hurt.
Since then, I've been pretty much chilling; I haven't run a step, and the only excercise that I have managed has been riding my bike to and from uni. Even that has felt strenuous at times. I doubt I'll be back in action until next week, or maybe even later.
This time off has been really positive - I haven't been wallowing in self-pity or eating ridiculous amounts of high-calorie food as I usually would when not running.
Plus, it has realigned my recently misguided view of running.
Before that Tuesday, I had been increasingly seeing training as a means of achieving racing goals. I had still been enjoying it to a certain extent, but definitely not as much as before.
I have since remembered why I run trails: because it's fun. There was a time not so long ago, where running was a leisure activity for me, unmatched in enjoyment by any other.
Therefore, f**k regimented speed work, roads and treadmills.
When I get back to it, I'll simply be going up, down, and around Mount Cootha as much as is medically advisable (building up slowly), making the occasional longer foray into Brisbane Forest Park.
In any case, this is probably the best way to prepare for Glasshouse 100 mile in September.

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