Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back to it then.

I have resumed running after a two week lay-off, am incredibly happy to be back on the trails, but am somewhat frustrated. My hamstring tendons and ab muscle seemed to have healed to a certain extent, and were had been getting significantly better in the second half of this week. That was, until I decided to go running with Matt Meck on Saturday morning. What was supposed to be an easy 9km with about 250m of vertical ended up as 20km with 800m of vertical. We kept getting to intersections where we could go home, or go up, and I just kept suggesting; "ah, we might as well...". Matt had a pretty rough time with his ITBs aswell, causing us to walk some flat stretches, so I guess that I should be grateful that my problems aren't worse. In any case, I should go to a physio. I have already tried running more, running less, stretching, wearing compression tights for recovery, massage Arnica and eating animal protein. The combination of running more, stretching, and tights seemed to work the best, so I might have to give that a crack again soon. I have been assailed with thoughts of "will this ever end" and other similar ones, and am disappointed that such problems have reduced the joy that I get out of running. Ah well, seeing as the two-week lay-off made very little difference, another break doesn't seem to be the best remedy. So I will stop complaining and do what I love most: run some more trails.

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