Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Feeling fat again!

I've started eating fish again in an attempt to heal my pesky hamstring tendons. That, in combination with glute strengthening/activation of neural pathways, seems to have worked fairly well so far - they have been very obliging for the last few days. Eating about five hundred grams of seafood per day for the past five days has had another (obviously logical) consequence - I seem to have gained some belly fat. In past times, I would be incredibly downtrodden and upset by this, but now I know the necessary approach. 1) take action: eat more salads & beans, less bread & fish. 2) Long-term attitude: this shows that I'm matching my caloric needs, giving my body everything that is required to heal. All it will take is a few >100km weeks when I'm healthy, and I'll be back to full form. You would still have much less body fat than about ten months ago. 3) general outlook: dude, it's just a little bit of fat, get over yourself. Sheez. Additionally, I think I've broken my right ring-finger and possibly my right pinky aswell. I was playing touch for the Woolworths team (despite not being an employee) in a social comp, and went in for a touch awkwardly, twisting the fingers in question. Any injury that doesn't stop me from running is not an injury at all!

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