Saturday, April 23, 2011

How to win a 30km race

1. Originally enter the 10km race

2 Race to a 2km PB the day before,

3. Walk for two and a half hours the night before, from the train station to

4. Your campsite, which is infested with a malicious plague of mosquitoes, meaning that

5. You only sleep for 45 minutes,

6. Waking up six and a half hours before your 10km race is due to start, as the 50km runners leave.

7. Being ridiculously impatient, therefore changing your entry to the 30km, as it starts three hours earlier (7am) than the intended race.

8. Running up front from the gun, even though it isn't a goal race, and feeling like crap in doing so.

9. Stubbornly persisting with the pace of the other leaders, dropping them on the technical terrain, only to be caught on the flat.

10. Charging foolhardily into the creek crossings, while everyone else believes in the sanctity of their ankles.

11. unnecessarily pushing the pace on the downhills, frying your quads and

12. Dwindling the lead pack down to just you and a wily old runner, who seems in much better condition than you.

13. Dropping your waterbottle, so that the other guy pulls ahead, and you can't catch up to him because of 11,

14. Being the subject of divine intervention, with the other dude missing an obscure right turn, yet

15. Still believing that you're in second place, causing you to

16. Bust your gut to maintain the pace so as not to get caught and shoved off the podium.

17. Receiving encouragement from Libby and Mandy at the aid station, and Nic with Bengal, but being incredibly rude and barely acknowledging it.

18. Berating yourself: "you don't f*cking deserve to sit on your ass eight hours a day, you piece of Sh*t" .

19. Not walking any of the hills in the final, very technical section, as you think you can see third place behind you.

20. Crossing the line in (32.1km in 2:21) and then

21. Turning around to see that the guy who you thought had won is just coming in.

That was the deepest that I have ever dug in my life, that I think I found China underneath my quads.

Alun Davies has done a fantastic job with this race, it is alot of fun, and I am eternally grateful to be given the opportunity to push myself beyond my perceived limits.


  1. This is fun reading your crapping on ;) Well done man on the win!!! all the speed/shorter distance running actually makes you a faster runner eh, I should try this - I've never raced an event less than 30k. This post in particular is a good inspiration. I have done my last two races (50's) in cruising mode just staying in the comfort zone, no digging too deep or going beyond. Reading this has got me amped to leave all I have on the NorthFace100 trail in couple of weeks. No pussing out this time. Thx. Hope to see you around. Jordan B

  2. great stuff Zac. awesome job. sounds like a well earned win