Friday, April 15, 2011

Round 2

Nic and I battled at Sherwood this morning, this time at the 6km (actually 5.8km) distance. Let's just say that a) the last 2km were hell, b) I beat him, and c) time = 21:15. Once again, the victory over Nic means nothing, as I haven't yet been able to convert such results too ultra-distances, but I hope that the stars align for Cook's Tour, and I can take top spot. I mean that. Nigel Waddington and Nic will be the two main competitors, and I was only six seconds behind Nigel in the 10km at Brisbane Road Runners. Granted, it's entirely different over 80km,. However, with: - new-found climbing legs (which are capable of running 8-9kmph for 500m at 20% incline most days), - the purchase of a pair of MT101s (allowing me to blast downhills), - an abundance of speed-work, - the fact that I have not been over-training, - the fact that my main running asset is the ability to run on very technical trail; anything can happen. I said this before Caboolture and ended up getting my ass handed to me, but this time it really just feels right. The two main obstacles will be: a) going out too fast, b) not getting over this head-cold in time. Speaking of which, it hasn't really improved much over the past week, although Nic did comment that I didn't look so shithouse this morning. It's been hanging around for four and a half weeks now, and has not allowed me to run for more than one hour at a time, without significant breakdown. Only time will tell whether this will be a good thing. Reading back over this post, what was supposed to be a quick summary ended up being a completely self-obsessed rant. My ego needs some serious beating down - I should remember that the winner this morning ran in 18:10. Wow. Need to put up some stats for book-keepings sake aswell. Mins/km avg. = 3:40, 5km estimate = 18:20.

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