Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Running well, blisters, and a ridiculous accident

So, for the past three weeks, I have averaged about 50km of running, 120km of cycling, two gym sessions, two games of touch/rugby or interval sessions and one race per week. Although it has taken some getting used to to only spend about one hour on the trails every morning, I have to say that this is the quickest that I have been running on a consistent basis, with no walking, even when an 8km jog involves 250m of vertical, and 10km and above is at least 350m. I feel really strong, and I reckon this is the perfect amount of training to garner a consistent improvement (well, maybe a little bit more running would be nice).

Secondly, from wearing New Balance MT101s without socks, I have developed a ridiculous blister on the back of my foot. Running this morning, the pain was intense. I really hope it heals before the weekend. Or before tomorrow would be nice...

Thirdly, I was stretching my quad in the shower last night, and hit my foot against the knob, causing a restless night of sleep, and a reasonable amount of pain. Luckily, it appears that only the tendons have been damaged (hopefully).

Fourthly; the weekend. It will be big. Saturday will be a 4km race at Sherwood, Sunday will be a 10km race at Wildhorse, and Monday will be a climb of Mount Barney in a group of atleast seven. I am a bit worried that I will destroy myself in the races, and am also worried that, being the guide, something will happen to someone on Monday, but oh well, that isn't going to stop me (unless of course, I'm injured).

Fifthly, ironically, I'm into the fifth week of this cold, which has not yet cleared up. I slept for seven and a half hours last night, which is usually standard, and am now really, really sleepy. I'm hoping it will go away before the weekend, but somehow doubt that it will.

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