Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wild Horse Hopefuls

Although I'm not racing the 50km at Wildhorse on the weekend, I figured that I might aswell still put together a list of the major players (in my eyes).

Greg Swan - second place last year in a decent time (4:28:53).

Jordan Bishop - Bounced back from injury in February, having a reasonable run at Mount Glorious. He's quick, and if he's been training consistently, he could pull off a decent result a la Flinder's tour 53.5km last year (4:44:38).

Walter Brumniach - Third last year under 4:30, and I swear I've seen his name pop up in other places too.

Kelvin Marshall - Runs every ultra event on the calendar, almost always finishing in the top 10-20%, but his leg speed over this shorter distance may let him down.

John Pearson - He's versatile. Races everything from 2km to 24 hours (the latter for Australia, I might add). Won the 12 hour at Caboolture, and a month later jogged a sub-4:30 for the Cliff to cliff 50km. If he goes for it, John will be the man to beat.

Chris Noble - Similar to Kelvin, minus a bit of racing and plus a bit of speed.

Nic Moloney - Has been tapering for the last two months since uni went back, and has recently hit a few shorter races, adding leg-speed to his endurance. He becomes a better 50km runner with every race of this distance.

Seun-Gil Hong - A great road runner, and has recently started hitting the trails. He seems to eat hills, let's see if he can convert that strength to the flat.

Stephen Courtney - Just saw this name on the list. The race is over. Although he is much better on the roads than on the trails, his 50km PB is 3:10 (on a treadmill). Converting that to flat trails, I predict sub-4:00. I don't think anyone else could match that.

I don't know enough about the female runners to comment, but I do know that Mandy Noble will place at the very least.

In the 10km, the previous winner is absent, but second place (47:06) Kenny Arcangeli will be there. The only other runner present who was in the top six last year is big Trev (Trevor Allen), who is a fierce competitor and races everything like his life depends on it. As always, going out too hard could ruin his race. I'm going to have to play it smart, and let Trevor go for the first few km, and only worry if he is still in front after 7km. There are probably many other better runners than me who I don't know, but I feel good about this one! I predict that I'll just have to run 4:25s for the entire race, which isn't too much to ask I suppose (you will eat those words Zachariah Braxton-Smith).

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