Sunday, May 29, 2011

Punctuation to the inbetweens - or something else?

Set off with Mallani, Nic, Mandy and Matt Meck (as well as Macca and Bengal) for a casual 20km hike around Lake Manchester today.
Ended up being 35.5km with 1,215 vert. over 7 hours, including a few hill sprints and a very small amount of downhill running.
Unexpected, but not unwelcome.
The highlight was descending down an average gradient of about 45% for 300m of vert, running it with no small amount of fear, coming to an incredible creek at the bottom, then doing the same in reverse up the side of the next hill. Long-story-short: it was fun AND it hurt - probably the best combination possible.
Also had some great conversations.
More concerning was a catastrophic bonk during the last 6km which made me feel like I almost couldn't make it up a small hill. Eating little more two tins of beans and a few pretzels and lollies since waking was probably the culprit, or this odd head-cold, or the decimated quads.
Knee also played up a fair bit, but it seems related to the tightness in my left ab - nothing that a bit of a stretch wont fix (I hope).
Good times!

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