Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beerwah 101

Lesson #1: don't climb the mountain when there's a chance of rain.

Luckily, Nic and I DIDN'T have to learn that the hard way today - it started to rain as we were coming down the last (and hardest) pitch of the mountain.
The day began with a well-paced 10km road run out to the mountain, before the real fun began.
We hit the "shit my pants" section, and after climbing for 10 metres, Nic voiced his concern about the extreme steepness and exposure of the gradient; "I don't think I can do this".
Soon enough though, he was through the worst of it, as I scampered ahead trying to remain ever-patient.
The face became flatter, the route hemmed in by scrub, and the handholds more firm. Then we hit the flat ground around the caves halfway up the beauty, plodding over the soft sand. A scramble up the final covered rocky section followed, and pretty soon we were on the summit with the phones out. No space on Nic's Blackberry for photos, so the great Facebook profile pic opportunity was spurned.
The way down was pretty hairy, but Nic managed it well.

Timed to perfection: as we hit the gravel road, the heavens opened briefly.
We then smashed it back to Glasshouse, running mostly 4:30s in an attempt to get to the train in time. My heart sunk as I heard the emission of steam and a sharp toot, but as we arrived at the station, we discovered that OUR train was late (the one I had heard was going North). Relief: made it home in time for work.

101 runs for the year, the second century was kicked off in good style.

Some interesting stats; the first and last 10km (approx) of the "run" were done at an average of 4:40kms. The middle 3km were 32 minute kms.
Oh Beerwah, you are the scourge of my average pace...

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