Friday, June 10, 2011

Identity OR modernity

According to some authors, whom I have been reading this week in an attempt to compile an essay, the nations of Latin America must chose between two options for the construction of society: to modernise (westernise), or to profundizar (closest direct translation: deepen) identities.

I think that this can be applied to the personal level aswell; engage in consumerism and reap the "benefits" of the industrial revolution, or develop your sense of identity and attempt to find out who you really are. But, then again, by consuming, you are asserting your identity as a consumer and a member of mainstream Western society IF you were originally a part of this society. So, it probably only applies to individuals and societies on the losing end of the coloniality of power.

When exiting my door this morning for a run, I chose modernity. Four days of identity (trail-running) with self-defining climbs and descents had left my uphill machinery basically destroyed. Rueing the lack of flat trails around Mount Cootha (duh) I decided to run on the road/bike paths; the modern option.

It was a very slow 25km, with a 5km walk on the end. The extra walking kms were due to some wrong directions given by a QR customer service representative at Richlands Station. Basically, 5km after following their directions and heading right down Blunder Road (oh, the irony of this name) I saw a sign indicating that I had entered Doolandella (where?) and was heading towards Browns Plains. I should have gone left. That, and the incessant sound of traffic on the run made me an angry boy.

Pen it in as good mental training - but I can only handle one dose of modernity in my running per week.

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