Saturday, June 25, 2011

Loop of the Lake - the seed is planted

I'm getting to know the Lake Manchester area fairly well...

This morning, Nic, Mallani, Macca, Bengal and I headed out there for a fast-paced hiking loop of the lake.
The sun was out, and the weather was on the perfect side of warm. A great morning outdoors, which included a quick dip in the lake near to the end.
Pretty good walking pace aswell - 20km in 3:30.

In other news, Nic suggested that him and I have a crack at the Great North Walk through-run record during the summer holidays. 250km in 66:36 is the goal, no disrespect to the boys at ultra168, but that is pretty soft. If we do the first 100km in 16 hours, have a four-hour sleep, the next 100 in 20 hours, have a two-hour sleep and then do the final 50km in 12 hours that will bring us home in 54 hours. It's doable.

The seed has been planted - let's get planning...


  1. sounds like fun. have you thought about the logistics and timing of the 2 ferry crossings? thats the hard part..

  2. Great stuff Zac, awesome that you're planning an attempt on the GNW. It's a fantastic bit of track and we wish you well in your planning for it. Keep us updated on how you're going. Cheers, Ultra168 (Dan Bleakman) p.s. we have a new website now as I noticed one of your links didnt work, it's