Monday, June 27, 2011


A moderate-paced jaunt around Mount Cootha this morning capped off 100 runs for the year to date. That's an average of 3.8 runs per week. No where near the 7 that I would have hoped for, but under the circumstances I'll take it.
Reaching such a round number brings on feelings of nostalgia, and I feel compelled to list the ten most memorable runs of this first century (in chronological order, with a note on the reason for inclusion):

- Three hour run around a grass-track and car park with Nic and Mallani - the absurdity of it,
- 16km run from Charlotte's Pass to Kozzie and down to Thredbo - the beauty of the alpine terrain,
- Mount Glorious 30km race - mental warfare,
- Caboolture 12 hour - persistence in the face of certain failure,
- 10km race at BRRC - so maybe I can run fast,
- Wild Horse 30km race - deep pain and a win,
- 30km run in the Border Ranges - the rainforest and the mud,
- Cook's Tour 50 mile race - teamwork and the feeling of strength during those last 17 km,
- 35km run in BFP with Mandy and Chris - running up most of the Augies Road climb,
- 34km run at Glasshouse including the Tibro time trial - that incredible feeling of moving quickly and proficiently through a rugged natural terrain with the minimal of material trappings.

The next 100 will begin tomorrow, with a run to and climb of Mount Beerwah with Nic.
The area surrounding my left fourth toe is a bit sore - let's hope it is a minor issue and can clear up without problems.

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