Sunday, June 26, 2011


There's nothing like a hard-paced 12km road run starting at 1:30am.
Hustled over to West End to meet Vetti and her friends for the drive out to Mount Warning.
What a great mountain; stairs, roots, rocks and a steep scramble to finish it off.
Moreover, we made it up in time to be the first ones in Australia to be touched by the sun on 27/6/2011!
From there, it was down to the beach for a swim.
Great day, many thanks to all who came.

The other 'warning'; thinking about the aforementioned record attempt on GNW, when the logistics of it are taken into account (66 hours of food and water, ferries, navigating on a course with which we are not familiar) I have realised the initial non-chalantness was mistaken. Will put the attempt to the back of the mind (there's alot to get through before then) but keep checking up on logistics and details.

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  1. hey man im keen to have a crack so keep me in the loop too. either way, id be happy to help out logistically or with water drops etc