Wednesday, July 6, 2011


After-Grog-Run - first one in 17 months.
Decided to stop denying my cultural identity last night, went to the RE and sunk 7 beers.
The run this morning was fun, but not pretty.
Pushed through some monumental calf cramps to get to the top of Cootha, then decided to take a technical trail to the bottom (when I was telling myself to hit one of the well-made ones). Stumbled forwards, busting up my knee and elbow, the latter of which feels pretty sore now.

Hopefully, the cramps will subside by the weekend, as there are some sweet adventures in store: Saturday - 48km run with Nic on the parts of the western loop of GH 100 mile that I haven't seen before; Sunday - 43k hike with Mike, out and back on the Border Track in Lamington National Park; Monday and Tuesday - 35km runs in BFP.

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