Saturday, July 9, 2011

Backing up in BFP: signs

Woke up, ate breakfast, lift home from mum's, shoes on, run.

After I'd warmed up, the 45km of the day before were a distant memory - the legs felt great! This may be due to the fact that I wore the beefier Inov8s, taking a bit of pressure off of my lower legs. There is a bit of irony there, as I managed to somehow really hurt my achilles on the way up the Boscombe road trail. Headed up towards Mount Nebo, and turned around after 22.5km. the achilles stayed the same for the first 10km of the run down, but then progressively worsened all the way home.
It didn't take much away from the awesomeness (not strictly a word) of the run though - cruising a high ridge at a decent speed in the middle of bushland in the middle of nowhere. It doesn't get much better than that. In the end, it was 45km in 4:30 with probably something between 900 and 1000 metres of vertical.

I'll take the achilles tweak as a sign to start tapering too - Flinders' Tour is in two weeks, and this has sealed the deal for my entry. Seeing as the next two weeks will be fairly run-less, there's no way that (provided I do line up) I will be taking it easy at the said event. Carpe diem!

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