Monday, July 11, 2011

Border Ranges: long day, longer night

Mike and I headed up to Binna Burra yesterday morning to do a 43km hike along the Border Track, out and back to/from O'Reilly's.
Due to the achilles niggle, I was not keen for this much distance, so we ended up covering about 33km in 7:40, taking in many iconic lookouts and circuits.
The track had dried considerably and the rainforest was beautiful; gullies and ridges, rocks and leaves, green and grey. Lookouts and views in all directions.
At the 6 hour mark, it felt like I could walk forever on such terrain at that pace; it was just incredibly comfortable.
The sun went over the other side of the mountain late in the day, throwing spindles of gold through the roots and branches. Then it sunk more, and it was dark and cold.
Coming under the "Lamington National Park" sign, I was pretty much overwhelmed with hapiness. Life really doesn't get any better than this.
Yet it did: that night, headed out to the valley with Vetti and Melissa for some cheap burritos and ended up chilling at a friend's place, chatting until 3am. Conversation has to be the best remedy to injury, and that has to have been one of the best three-day stretches of my life.

For the next week (at least), I'll be following a recovery regimen of rest, salmon, repeat. The line-up for Flinders' is looking pretty tantalising, but I now know what is necessary for me to pull anything decent off up there. Run smart. Start slow, then f*ck sh*t up if I feel like it after 30km. I am NOT allowed to run with Dave Coombes from the gun!


  1. Don't forget the hand swelling! How did the Achilles niggle pull up?

  2. hand swelling. I won't ask...

    yeah the lamington park has the ability to cause transcendence hey. very pretty place.

    hope your ah hmm hand and achilles come good mate. I'll have you know just for some trivia that my left achilles has been severed completely in half and sewn back together. this makes me head of the achilles injury sympathiser party.

    and yeah my theory is you are better off to catch dave coombs later when he hits the wall at about the 234km mark.

  3. Well we know where your mind is Jordan...