Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Final Tune Up - Fever Pitch

Caught the train out to Beerburrum this morning, and had a very snappy run to the top of Tibrogargan and back. Logged 4:10s-4:50s out to the mountain to get a feeling for race pace, then took 15 minutes to get from the final turnoff to the summit. The wind was blustery, the views incredible and the climbing exhilarating - the usual order of things on that great rock. 13 minutes for the last split in reverse, then 4:45s to 5:10s back to the station. Overall, 10.9km in 1:13, 350m vert climb.

And that's where it ends - now all that is left is some sitting, waiting, wishing (see Jack Johnson) until Sunday.

On another note, the hype for Flinders' has reached fever pitch, with talk of the event and its possible outcomes now accross Coolrunning, blogger AND Facebook. It has been billed as ultrarunning's state of origin, due to the large NSW contingent crossing the Tweed River for the showdown. Let's hope it lives up to the hype.

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  1. well done pal thats a huge result! you must be buzzing.