Friday, July 15, 2011

Flinders' Tour: the big boys

These are the people who I think will make up most of the top ten (mens) in next Sunday's clash:

Jordan Bishop - Consistent, racing well. Has the guts to go out hard and can finish strong.

Dave Coombs - The current king of trail running in South East Queensland; appears to have bounced back well from a neuroma. It's difficult to see him getting dethroned.

Nigel Waddington - Won the Glasshouse series last year, although he seems to do better at the longer ultras.

Walter Brumniach - He's always knocking about somewhere near the top.

John Pearson - Races all distances well, might be a bit flogged from his 12hr/GCM backup, but must still be in fine form.

Nic Moloney - Has actually been training... Watch out.

Caine Warburton - If anyone can pull off a surprise victory, it's Caine. Races the short stuff really well, and has just started getting into ultras. Ran sub-3 at Gold Coast pretty comfortably, by all reports. Blood problem might hinder him, but otherwise I can't see him off of the podium.

Mick Donges - Great runner. Won the Kokoda challenge on the weekend; an outstanding performance at Flinders' may be a bit unrealistic.

Zac Braxton-Smith - 600km and 14,000m of vertical in training in 5 weeks; enforced taper due to achilles issue. Might have accidentally set himself up to peak for this event. Has bluffed his way to a few good results recently. Races like an idiot.

I've probably missed a few runners, apologies to the three people who read this blog.

This is how I'm HOPING the results sheet will look:
1. Dave Coombs 4:25
2. Zac B-S 4:30
3. Caine Warburton 4:32
4. Jordan Bishop 4:37
5. Nigel Waddington 4:45
6. Nic Moloney 4:45
7. John Pearson 4:45
8. Mick Donges 4:45
9. Walter Brumniach 4:50.

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