Saturday, July 2, 2011

Long Days in the Ranges

Get up, run flat for two hours, have breakfast, get in the car, walk for five hours, get back to the cottage, massage & listen to music, dinner, read, sleep.
That's the way life works for me in Flinder's Ranges.

The run this morning was pretty uninspiring - just cruising dead flat, wide gravel paths. I did see a couple of very light-coated kangaroos though; maybe albinos, but probably not.

Breakfast: Porridge with honey, tin of beans, two slices of toast with vegemite, fruit.

The walk was great, towering red gorge walls, rock hopping, a small climb and awesome views of the gulf.

My feet were well busted up by the end of the day though and needed 15 minutes of attention and emu and goanna oils...each. Somewhere around the top of the second metatarsal on the right foot is a little painful - feels like a nerve thing more than anything else. Hope it clears up.

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