Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moving on...

Went for the first run since Flinders' this morning. It wasn't pretty.
Made it to the top of Cootha without too many problems, but all kinds of niggles surfaced on the way down: left soleus/achilles, right foot, both quads.
I was thinking of organizing a run up/down Mt. Barney on the weekend, but have realised that it would be ill-advised. Need to recover.

On the said descent, I really took in the beauty of Mount Cootha; glanced to the right across a sweeping green valley with Cockatoos soaring and squawking in the distance.
Had a good hard think and realised just how much I'll miss being able to pop out the door for an easy 8km and get to run most of it on technical trails in the middle of serene bushland.
West End will be different. There'll be the river right in front of me, and the flat concrete which follows it. An easy 8km will be almost hill-less and mostly on footpaths.
Nevertheless, the Toowong side of Cootha will still only be a 20 minute cycle away, so it's not all bad. Once recovered, I'll be heading up there every day.

More poignancy:

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