Sunday, July 3, 2011

Remarkable Sunrise to cap off a 100 mile week

The title says it all.
Walked leisurely up Mount Remarkable with Dad for sunrise. In the end, we were rained in, and had about 20m of visibility from the summit. Still worth it though, if only for the training in the dark. The legs felt like absolute death on the way down; the left quad was especially tender.
Dad drove us back to Adelaide after another monster breakfast, where I capped off a fine 100 mile week with 11km on cruise control along the Torrens.
Depending on how I feel, I'm keen to head out to Belair National Park tomorrow for a couple of hours of hilly trails.
I am entirely aware that the quality of the blog posts is diminishing in direct proportion to the increase in quantity, but I've just been saturated with so many great experiences recently that there hasn't really been enough time to process it all properly and poetically.

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