Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summertown to Belair: Camp is over

I ran 24.7km along the Yurebilla Trail from Summertown to Belair this morning at quite a pedestrian pace, despite the net downhill overall.
There are some fantastic trails in the Adelaide Hills, and I am keen to explore them some more in future visits to the area.
Today is a comma in my training for GH 100mile; the hard yards have been done and I need a week or two of easy running before repeating the cycle again in preparation for the event.
With that said, Flinders' Tour is in about three weeks, and I feel like I really should run it in order to give myself a chance of winning the Glasshouse series (male division). So I might not be putting in any more really big miles in the lead up to GH 100. But then again........

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