Monday, August 22, 2011


Two identical runs on Cootha in a row.
With a solid gradient.
Without monumental calf cramps.
While feeling pretty decent.
Which MAY (capitals, bold and italics for extra emphasis) indicate the return of my running mojo.

Anyways, they were both 11.32km with about 450m of gain, completed in 1:20 and 1:22 respectively. I am even more pleased with this, considering that in both cases I hadn't slept very much the night before: on Sunday I went for an hour-long road run at about 9pm, and consequently had to spend an hour massaging the poor legs (never again); and on Monday I was up till 12 chatting with V, after swearing to go straight to sleep at the end of QandA.

Did some shooting for a uni assignment on the second run - hence the 2 minute difference. The subject is native species extermination... Joke. - It involved shooting photos for "Introduction to Visual communication". The assignment has inspired me to summarise (the non-social facet of) my life in two photos:
Obviously, the first gloomy day on Cootha of the past two months was the perfect time to showcase the beauty of my natural habitat.

I'll be trying to maintain this type of steep running for the rest of the week, possibly injecting a 40-45km longie on Friday (or maybe a 1000+m vertical run), and rocking up to the "Wild Horse at Night" training run on Saturday.
As much as I'd like to put in a huge three days of about 120km , which has become the norm before a big event, it probably wouldn't be wise from an injury prevention perspective. Oh, and I should really do some uni work.

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