Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dave Coombs Interview

In the interests of further building the hype for this year's Glasshouse 100 mile, below is an interview that Dave was kind enough to give for my group's JOUR1710 assignment. It is aimed mainly at those uninitiated to the arcane fringe sport that is ultradistance trail running, but has a few insights that seasoned runners may find interesting.


  1. Ahhh running geeks. Now I could have been forgiven by this very professional interview to thinking I was listening to an intellectual discussion of utmost importance, like solving world hunger while finding a cure for cancer, when it suddenly dawned on me I was just listening to a couple of mad bastards talking about running a stupidly long way for no other reason than because "I can". Thank goodness for mad bastards.

  2. Coincidentally Dave's been invited on to the panel for QandA next week ;)