Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Grind

Alarm goes off at 6:15. No way. switch it to 6:45 and get back to sleep.
6:45. Groan, sniffle, cough. Managing sickness while keeping up the training is quite difficult.
So, instead of the 90 flat minutes at 4:45 pace that I'd planned, it had to be cut back to an hour.
Wasn't sure of what I could manage in a hard hour, with the glutes still sore from playing touch on Saturday.
Exited the door. False start, retie shoelaces. Ok, go.
First kilometre - 4:23 - Feeling pretty good actually, maybe aim to stay under 4:30
2nd - 4:16 - Wow, maybe go for three-hour marathon pace,
- 4:28 - Ugh, f**king roads, let's pull back
- 4:12 - Hit the groove, breathing under control, let's keep it here,
- 4:12 - Along the boardwalk, showing off,
- 4:13 - still feeling good, turn around soon,
- 4:18 - Hips are getting pretty sore,
- 4:14 - keep it together,
- 4:19 - ugh, let it end,
- 4:23 - oooh, getting close now,
- 4:28 - off pace, panic!
- 4:05 - back in business,
- 4:05 - just a little further,
- 4:12 - relief!
In all, managed 14.06km in 1:00:01, almost bang on three hour pace. Fantastic run, and I think my body is becoming comfortable with running sub-5s on flat ground, although my feet are pretty damn sore from the road/concrete, even with a new pair of road shoes.

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