Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hills for Hipsters

Took the day off of running yesterday to allow the chesty cough to run its course, but still managed to get in about 43km of cycling for transport. That and the five hours working in the call centre should have negated any possible abatement of the illness, but I awoke this morning feeling markedly better.

I didn't have the time and couldn't really be bothered to cycle over to Mount Cootha, so I exited the door in search of this trendy suburb's best hills. The fabled Sankey Street did not disappoint - about 35% gradient for 100 metres - but aside from that and the Dutton Park end of Highgate hill, it was pretty damn flat. Probably had the vertical-per-kilometre equivalent of Glasshouse 100, so it can't be all bad as far as training is concerned. Running on pavement will be great preparation for the last 6 or so km of the course, which traverses the footpath beside Steve Irwin Way.

In other news, I've conned my group for JOUR1710 (Journalistic investigation) into doing our assignment on the 100 miler, focusing on a few entrants and their preparation/race. This means that three other people will be heading up on the day to cover the event (potential crew members?).

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