Thursday, August 25, 2011

White's Hill

Once again, I only slept for about 6 hours last night: just as I was about to roll into bed, V came home, and two hours of mindless chatting ensued.

Anyways, woke up this morning feeling remarkably decent in leg and mind, so decided so run about 20km over to White's Hill - a little wood to which I hadn't run before.

The first 9km on the pavement were fairly easy - just ticking along the consistent rolling hills at something around 6:00s. Then came the "trail", which, as I discovered to my utter bemusement, was actually made mostly of concrete. I was pretty unimpressed with this small section of bushland and the trails that traverse it - reminds me just how great Mount Cootha is.

At some point in the forest, the niggley right quad started to flare, and posed a bit of a problem for the rest of the run. The final concrete kilometres were a fair struggle, but all worth it for two weeks time I suppose.

20.74km in 2:08:54, about 300m of vert. Running long and slow is the name of the game...

Now (in order): eat, massage, nap, work, curry, sleep, West End Markets, assignment, Wild-Horse at night, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest... Race.

Hopefully the quad is better tomorrow.

Edit: After downing that curry and spending a little while in the RE, I cycled home, put the kit on, and embarked on ten more painfully slow kilometres along the river...It's the stuff of dreams.

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