Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day before - Niggle festival

Don't know how, what or why, but in the last two weeks I've been befallen with a ridiculous number of niggles.
First it was the left quad - that was sorted after the end of the week.
Then the right calf/foot - seems to have improved with Icing.
Last night, the ITB tightened randomly - Massaged the crap out of it.
This morning, simply standing up, it feels like I strained a small muscle on the inside of the achilles - ran for 15 minutes with minimal pain, and have iced it.
It might be because, during recovery, I tend to be alot more tense and nervous, as I'm not running. So the muscles are tighter and therefore more susceptible to these kinds of strains. Or it might just be my body telling me to run as little as possible during recovery, so that it feels good on race day. Or it might just be a product of my own psychosis. In any case, it is quite disconcerting.
But who cares. I'll be lining up tomorrow, geed up on a small amount of Ibuprofen. I do not fear the intense non-injury related physical pain that this endeavour will entail. I am just afraid that any of the injuries will flare up to the point where I can't continue. I may have to pull an Alun Davies and walk it in. Although that prospect is rather sickening, it will feel much better to get it done, for the series win.
Let's have a crack.

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