Tuesday, September 20, 2011


To keep some perspective I suppose one always has to remember the old cliche' that life is a series of peaks and troughs. Enjoy the peaks, and endure the troughs understanding that they'll end.

Anyways, I find myself in a bit of a trough at the moment.
It's been four weeks since I've felt anything close to decent, and there is another possible culprit to add to the list which already includes lack of sleep and overtraining/burnout:
Iron deficiency.
I've read that an increased intake of calcium leads to a decreased absorption of iron. Eating atleast a kilo of youghurt every day for the past couple of months may be starting to catch up to me. That, and not eating red meat for the past two years.
There is also a fair amount of back discomfort/pain due to sleeping on a giant sponge and not strengthening the lower back.
The residual foot tendinitis from Glasshouse is yet to clear. A 700m jog on Saturday reminded me of its imposing presence.
I miss Mount Cootha.

So, a few resolutions: no dairy indefinitely, take iron tablets, eat kangaroo steaks, sleep on a camping mat, do deadlifts, ice the foot, eat ginger and cayenne pepper (anti-inflammatories), start hiking again.

It seems that this blog frequently deteriorates to ramblings, whinings and "the diet starts tomorrow"s akin to those of an obese middle-aged woman. I apologize if it is boring to the few frequent readers, but it helps me to make sense of the troughs, learn from them and savour the peaks.

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